Lundy 29/06/2024 - 02/07/2024

Explore, climb, swim
*Please transfer £93 into MMC's account for the ferry in the next week or so- thanks!*

N.B. Please adhere to any nesting/other restrictions

(14 places)

There are two places remaining for stays in The Barn. There is also the option to camp.
For both options, payment for accommodation and ferry need to be made by 14th June [deadline for ferry booking].

Just off the coast of Devon, surrounded by the clear waters of the Atlantic, Lundy Island is a world apart. A haven for divers, climbers, swimmers and birdwatchers.

Bursting with an abundance of wildlife, Lundy is an island where you can unwind, relax and enjoy nature's delights as well as experience amazing rock climbs.

To avoid disappointment, climbers on this meet must, must, must tackle The Slide as well as other classics [the climbing restrictions in place still allow climbing on these routes).

The Barn offers luxury bunkhouse accommodation with the island's cosy pub, the Marisco Tavern, on its doorstep (duvet, pillow, sheet, bath towel and hand towel provided for each bed space].

Self-catering, why not organise this in pairs or groups so that food carried onto the island is shared? Also, there's a small shop on the island to replenish supplies.

Accommodation in The Barn £65

The Landmark Trust have been in contact recently.

At the moment, the timetable shows that the ferry departs from Ilfracombe at 10:00 on Saturday 29th June, returning on Tuesday 2nd July at 18:30, cost £93.

Luggage restrictions: weight allowance 20kg, maximum baggage size 75 x 50 x 30cm.

A brilliant meet to be experienced at least once in a lifetime!

N.B. Away meets have been paid for in advance, therefore, when booking on, there is the requirement to pay hut fees upfront as a deposit. Should you book off at a later date, unless another MMC member takes your place, you will lose your deposit
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