Cae'r Fran Tunneling Overnighter 06/08/2022 - 07/08/2022

Board Games- Snakes & Ladders

Please contact the organiser to book on this meet.

Join the organiser to negotiate your way through middle earth for fun & games on this committing route, experience essential...

'Not for those without a decent head for heights or distrust of old rusty ladders. Only one chain remains but it's a smaller diameter to the old one. You can clip this with regular quickdraws (I didn't realise this until I ran out of HMS), and it's probably wise to take a few short slings for footloops. It's best not to look at what's securing the chain to the top of the route, you don't need that kind of negativity in your life. There's 2 bolts for setting up an anchor at the top. The abseil back down into Dali's hole has a chain around the tree. The tunnel to Australia is fairly easy to find, you have already walked past it when heading to California. We took the left route out of the tunnel (past looning tube) and up the scree dead ahead/slightly left. The ladders are rusty as and those things will fall to the ground one day in the not too distant future. The good news is that most of them have been loosely secured with some old dyneema. Best not to question the age of the rope, or what anchors it to the rock. I used a couple of crabs on a sling as makeshift via ferrata gear, my partner climbed unprotected and much faster, presumably to lessen the odds of being around when they separate themselves from the rock. The abseil into the lost world has loads of tatt left around the tree, seems solid enough. A 50m rope will get you to the first ledge with a bit of a scramble to the bottom, a 70m would make your life a little easier but not essential. Overall 10/10 day, but wouldn't take anyone I cared about dearly.'
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Cater independently but the organiser is prepared to make a booking for the Saturday evening meal in a local eatery should this be desired.
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