Aims Of The Club

The objectives of the Club are to encourage mountaineering and allied sports by organising meets and holidays, holding regular meetings, arranging accommodation for members in mountainous districts and by such other ways as the Committee thinks fit.

The MMC was formed in 1958 by a group who had attended a night-school course in mountaineering.

The aim of the club (as defined at its inaugural meeting) is "to encourage mountaineering in all its forms for mountaineers who have gained some initial experience and who want to expand and develop that knowledge".

From the early days it was decided not to offer formal training for new members, that being best accommodated by one of the many professional centres operating throughout the country.

The Club offers a regular meets programme with plenty of opportunity to meet and climb with other members, very much in the traditions of the development of the sport.

Club weekends are organised on a semi formal basis with a nominated organiser for each weekend. The organiser is responsible for co-ordinating transport and catering for the weekend on an equal cost basis. No formal plans are made for each days activities, these being best left to the individuals. New members, however are not left out and are assisted in finding a suitable partner for the days activities. Many of the meets are based at our own Club Hut, Cae'r Fran, situated in Llanberis, North Wales. Keys are available to Full Members permitting them to book independent stays with the Hut Booking Secretary.

As part of our wider commitment to Mountaineering and the mountaineering community we arrange several events each year with the active participation of other clubs. These events include Joint Meets with other Clubs, Slide Shows of Member's and guest's photographs and a program of Lectures/Talks/Demonstrations by world-class mountaineers and climbers.

We are also committed to improving the knowledge and skills of our members by offering Skills Update weekends and evenings when such topics as Mountain Medicine, First Aid, Crevasse Rescue techniques and Navigation are taught, discussed and practiced in an informal but professional atmosphere.

One or two social events, including an Annual Dinner are featured during the Autumn and Winter, details of which are given in the Club Newsletter which is sent to all Members four times a year.