Conditions of Use

Please note that this is not intended to be an exhaustive list of conditions - in order to run Cae'r Fran on an informal and friendly basis we trust in the consideration, common sense, and good will of our guests. The following guidelines should be followed for the comfort and safety fo yourselves and for others.


The barn and other outbuildings belong to our neighbour and are strictly out of bounds.


The neigbouring land is private and camping is not permitted.


Unless a gate has been deliberately wired or propped open (the farmers sometimes do this so the animals can graze further) please close and fasten all gates after you.


There are three areas where it is possible to park:

  • at the head of the path to Cae'r Fran
  • Gated car park area opposite the path to Cae¬ír Fran. Can be made bigger by removing interior fencing segments. Not available during mid-week if farmer is lambing (usually Easter time).
  • on a level area before the next bend in the lane above the junction with the path
  • further up around the bend at a level area opposite some ruins.

Do not park anywhere else as other seemingly available 'laybys' and 'passing places' are used by farm vehicles on a constant basis. Please note that neither Club members nor guests have any right to park on this land; we are tolerated by the landowner in an arrangement we do not wish to jeopardise - if you are asked to move please do so with good grace.


If you should break something while at Cae'r Fran please replace it if possible. If you are unable to replace it please tell the Hut Booking Secretary when you return the key.


In order to save unneccessary costs to the Club and damage to the environment we ask that you are economical in your use of electricity. In particular, do not change the settings on the storage heaters.

Leaving the Hut


  • Ensure that the hut is left clean and tidy.
  • No food whatsoever is to be left in the hut as this encourages mice and other vermin.
  • Tea towels are to be washed and hung in the drying room.
  • All doors and windows are to be closed and secured.
  • Electrical devices must be switched off locally and then at the mains in the kitchen.

Rubbish removal

All rubbish should be placed in the rubbish sacks provided and removed from Cae'r Fran. It is up to you to dispose of it responsibly.

Winter Precautions (November 1st and March 31st)

  • If the weather is freezing, please follow these guidelines regardless of the date!
  • Switch of the immersion heater FIRST.
  • Turn off the water inlet stop tap (the right hand one of the three in the women's washroom).
  • Drain down the water system by turning on all the taps in the wash areas and kitchen.