Cae'r-frân: Instructor- led Skills 31/03/2023 - 02/04/2023

Learn, enhance, practise your mountaineering skills
Rope Skills’ Meet 31-02 April 2023
Meet Organiser: Rebecca Hunter
Participants: Alice Spooner, David Radcliffe, John Loftus, Margie Rayner [chef], Nick Manning
April 1st, April Fool’s Day.
We all woke to a charming dawn chorus of bird song.
After performing our morning ablutions, the group sat for creamed scrambled eggs, toast, porridge and prepared our sandwiches for the day ahead…
Alice and I accompanied Rebecca later to her precariously situated car [and joined her in relief that it had not toppled or slid away from the loose bank where she had abandoned it the night before].
After leaving Rebecca, we joined John Loftus and Nick Manning at V12 to plan our day with Andy: a rope skills’ session at Lion Rock.
Pulling into the car park, I was star-struck by Ms Alice Kerr, mountain instructor [and then super star-struck by Mr James Mchaffie, climbing superstar] … these were good omens for the day; everyone agreed.
After our instructor had given a fine introductory talk at Lion Rock, Rebecca called through to us and let us know of her arrival- she had rescued her car from its apparently wrecked off-road position with the assistance of a kindly farmer [who had apparently sat himself in the car, turned on the engine, straightened the front wheels and driven it back onto the road. Excellent].
The gang was whole again and the course of events soon built upon the positive momentum of our friend’s [unexpectedly early] return.
Anchor building, gear placement, my first trad-lead, self-protected abseils- smiles, laughter, photos, pork pies, coffee, carabiner hunting and a couple of beers back at The Heights.
We all returned to the hut to give our cook for the night a big hug then set to work apologising for our late arrival by prepping vegetables, caramelising onions, warming coconut milk, boiling rice, frying steak and then helping Margie wolf it down and wash it away with the finest wines in Wales.
What larks we had reflecting on a smashing spring weekend here at Cae'r-frân!

Please contact the organisers, Rebecca and Nick, and pay a deposit to book on to this meet.

Fantastic opportunity for grads and full members alike to learn techniques from such a super-experienced, brilliant instructor Andy Newton!

Only £50 for a full day of instruction on a 1:4 ratio: Four spaces for Saturday and 4 spaces for Sunday.

The day that you are not with Andy, there will be the opportunity to put your new rope skills to practise in the local area.

If the weather is bad, instruction will be carried out at a climbing wall.

Catered Saturday evening meal and Saturday and Sunday breakfast. Please bring your own lunches.

Any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Don't be a fool [note date!], book on now!
Grid Ref:
Map OL17 570596
Fully booked, please contact the organiser to be placed on the reserve list.
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